Rangel Vasev ist der Gründer von ramar

Ever­yo­ne has a dream… A Japa­ne­se hi-fi turn­ta­ble and ampli­fier from the 1970s — that was my dream and I ful­fil­led it a few years ago. The unbe­liev­a­ble repro­duc­tion qua­li­ty of the­se devices, their design, the excep­tio­nal work­manship of the mate­ri­als have always fasci­na­ted me.

While sear­ching for the right access­ories, it beca­me clear to me that the­re is a lack of qua­li­ty and sophisti­ca­ted hi-fi equip­ment. I sim­ply could not find a record brush that worked excel­lent­ly and met my design expec­ta­ti­ons. Thus, I was inspi­red to deve­lop my own brush.

The imple­men­ta­ti­on of this idea was a gre­at chal­len­ge for me. The hi-fi world was split bet­ween brushes made of car­bon fibres and tho­se made of goat hair, without giving une­qui­vo­cal solu­ti­on. ramar’s brush con­vin­ces by com­bi­ning the best cha­rac­te­ris­tics of both mate­ri­als. Moreo­ver, through its high qua­li­ty and uni­que aesthetics.

As soon as the idea was born, it took almost two years until the first small batch was com­ple­ted. During the deve­lo­p­ment pha­se more ide­as have been accom­plis­hed to enhan­ce the hi-fi acces­so­ry world. ramar was foun­ded in Ber­lin at the begin­ning of 2019.

My name is Ran­gel Vasev — just over 40, Ber­li­ner by choice, fami­ly man, dreamer.

The pro­ducts of ramar stand for inno­va­ti­on, qua­li­ty and aes­the­tics. With gre­at dedi­ca­ti­on we deve­lop hi-fi access­ories with clear lines and atten­ti­on to detail. We design for peop­le who appre­cia­te craft­s­manship and sustainability.