Record brush from ramar Berlin on "Mono and Stereo" Ein tol­ler Bei­trag über unse­re Schall­plat­ten­bürs­ten bei “Mono & Ste­reo”. Wir freu­en uns sehr, dass die Bürs­ten von ramar eine so posi­ti­ve Reso­nanz erfahren.

ramar record brush has arrived

Beau­tiful ramar hand made record brush just arri­ved from Ger­ma­ny. Of cour­se, I could­n’t keep my enthu­si­asm bot­t­led and wan­ted to see and get a fee­ling this Ger­man high-end audio ana­log acces­so­ry as soon as pos­si­ble. This beau­tiful­ly car­ved brush screa­med qua­li­ty with each new unfol­ding of the packa­ge. From bi-color card box pack­a­ging, cle­ver and sty­lish paper leaf­let, to the sel­ec­tion of mate­ri­als. In the woo­den box, under the main brush, the­re is the addi­tio­nal, smal­ler cartridge’s need­le brush that is magne­ti­cal­ly locked to the metal bot­tom sur­face. Neat!

The ramar brush is made from a sin­gle block of wood with rows of goat hair and car­bon fiber brushes. I real­ly like how well the clea­ning part is seam­less­ly inser­ted in a dedi­ca­ted high-qua­li­ty metal lower part of the brush. The brush is not cheap, but it shows on every turn whe­re the money went into and how much effort Ran­gel Vasev has put into the initi­al design.

I’ll wri­te up more in due time, but I’m more than impres­sed! For the first pro­duct, the exe­cu­ti­on is stel­lar and exem­pla­ry. The goat hair and car­bon fiber seem to be of pre­mi­um qua­li­ty and the initi­al expe­ri­ence is high­ly pro­mi­sing. But, stay tun­ed for more in due time and as always, below is the initi­al pho­to set.

Foto: “Mono and Stereo”