“A record brush? Yes, a record brush. Mind you, not just any sort of record brush. Put dif­fer­ent­ly, my Kuz­ma XL DC is not just ano­ther turn­ta­ble, much less a Crosby $99 Ama­zon spe­cial. See what I mean? Frank­ly, record brushes are a must have acces­so­ry for your LP play­back pro­cess. Gene­ral­ly spea­king, they have been around for just about as long as records have been around, gai­ning ever grea­ter popu­la­ri­ty in the 60s and 70s as vinyl play­back was defac­to main­stream, save for the FM or AM radio sta­ti­on you’d be lis­tening to. Wise men long ago knew what they were doing. Sim­ply put, a record brush is desi­gned to do two things: remo­ve sur­face dust and debris from the record and ide­al­ly, dis­si­pa­te elec­tro­sta­tic char­ges from the record pre, post and during the clea­ning pro­cess. Makes sen­se. What’s miss­ing you ask? High-end audio wouldn’t be high-end audio if someone didn’t figu­re out how to take some­thing that’s gene­ral­ly mass pro­du­ced, mass manu­fac­tu­red and turn it into a bespo­ke, genui­ne­ly high-end, craft­sman style artis­a­nal product.”